Central European Seminar, Brno, 15 March, 2024

This very traditional seminar was founded by Peter Michor (Vienna) and Ivan Kolář (Brno) in 1985 and it has been active (with short breaks) since then.

Nowadays, the seminar is based on close collaboration of mathematicians and mathematical physicists from Vienna, Prague, and Brno and serves as wider international networking platform meeting about four times a year.

This time, the program displayed four contribution:

  • Lenka Zalabova, Curves and tractors on 3-dimensional conformal sphere
  • Jan Gregorovic, On equivalence problem of uniformly 2-nondegenerate CR hypersurfaces in C^3
  • Andrey Krutov, Quantization of sl_2 differential algebras
  • Andreas Cap, Conformal compactifications vs projective compactifications

The next meeting will be more festive, related to the birthday of Peter W. Michor. It will be held in the days June, 6-8, 2024. This time, the programme will be based on invited lectures (by Peter's former students).