Conference fee 90 EUR (2250 CZK)
The conference fee will be forgiven to PhD. students.
Accomodation and board (the prices are for one person)
Hotel Sumava (shared room) 290 EUR (7295 CZK)
Hotel Sumava (single room) 360 EUR (9100CZK)
Hotel Srni (shared room) 335 EUR (8560CZK)
Hotel Srni (single room) 430 EUR (10890 CZK)
Special bus Prague-Srni 32 EUR (800 CZK) both ways
  16 EUR (400 CZK) one way

After you fill in the registration form you will get an email which will contain all necessary information on the payment by bank transfer. The bank transfer is the only way how to pay for the conference fee and the bus. For your accomodation and board you can pay either by transfer in advance or you can pay by card directly to the hotel after your arrival. There will be no possibility to pay in cash to the organizing committee.

 We point out that there is no cash dispenser at Srni, you can change money only at the hotel reception desk.


Published on  January 12th, 2018